In a test period, you gather the subjects you wish your test centers to have tests in in a room of time. Click on the tab called Test periods and then on Create Test period.

Name the test period, for example, 2. semester 2015, Spring tests 2016. The names should be easy to find again. It is often smart to put in a start and time stamp.

On Start date, you choose the date for the first test day. Click on the calendar and choose a date. The other dates will automatically be filled in. Check that the dates are correct. Then click on Create.

The test period is now created. It is showed in the overview with a warning triangle because it does not contain any subjects yet.

There are different setups. Not all projects have the same choices. Here you can see a test period with quite a lot of fields. A clock is also added for you to decide at what time of the day a setting applies to or from. 

Privatistportalen: candidates can sign up from a webpage.

Deadline first censorship: marker 1 and 2 have to be done with their tasks at this date.

Censorship date: the test centers will not have access to the results before this date.

First re-censorship: items marker 1 and 2 do not agree on, will be sent to re-censorship. This is the date it has to be finished.

Complain period start/end: the candidates who do not agree with the results can make a complaint. These dates indicate when it is possible to create a complain case, and when the complain markers have to be done with the treatment.